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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Brand new IBM Model M for sale - Danish/Norwegian ISO Key Layout

Brand new IBM Model M's from 1997-98. (Updated 12th Dec 2013)

All the pics above are of my personal IBM Model M. But I can take pictures of the others on request.

Brand new IBM Model M keyboard:

- This is the 1391407 model, ISO Danish layout but easily converted to Norwegian with a few keycap swaps
- Some were made in 1997 and some in 1998 by IBM at the Greenock plant in Scotland.
- Buckling spring switches
- Removeable outer keycaps
- PS/2 connector (can use an adapter to convert to USB)
- Drainage Channels

All SOLD - Sorry

I have a few of these babies for sale. Prefer to ship within Norway (I am near Oslo), but can do international. Send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.....

Now you are probably wondering why you should trust me?!? Well I have been on eBay for the past 12 years and have an account in the same name (loiphin) and have over 400 positive feedbacks. I am more than happy to communicate through eBay to confirm its me.

And more than happy to meet up in person, so as to show you that all is in working order.


Johan Bramberg said...


Ønsker jeg hade sett denne post tidligere :) Hvis du kommer over flere så send meg gjerne en mail.


Keyboard M said...

Hei Loiphin,

I am wondering, I realised that many waters run away. Do you still have any of those Danish/ Norwegian keyboards? Im David and based in London.

I will be more than happy to buy one from you. Please contact me via

or voice/ text via 44 744 894 8574