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Wednesday 1 February 2023

Poor man's mattress for a Tesla (IKEA hack)

Poor man's custom mattress for a Tesla (IKEA hack) 

So I have been looking for a mattress for my Tesla Model Y (2023), and really the only two options for me are the DreamCase or Tesmat. 

DreamCase is way too expensive as I am only going to use it occasionally. And Tesmat looks like a good price point, but with shipping from the US to Norway it ends up being more than twice the price :( So both of these options are out for me.

I decided to try a regular 90cm IKEA mattress but it was not wide enough where the rear seating would be. Then I thought about inflatable ones, but here in Norway they cost USD170 for a crappy inflatable one. It was like the quality of a cheap pool lilo! No thanks.

Then I had an idea! So I purchased an Åsvang mattress (140x200cm) from Ikea. Here in Norway its like 120 bucks. Its 12cm thick, which isn't great but space in the car is limited. Too high a mattress and you can barely climb in as the roof is so much closer.

So here are the steps to create your custom mattress for your Tesla. 

Step 1 - Buy the mattress

*looks like the closest US equivalent is the IKEA Minnesund Queen mattress if I am not mistaken. Do your own research ;)

Step 2 - Unzip the cover, and turn to the smooth side.

Step 3 - I cut off a bit on the bottom (around 7cm) to make the total length 190cm. You can size it for your Tesla, but thats what I thought was right for the Model Y.

Step 4 - Measure the widths for your car at various points, always referencing the bottom of the mattress where the boot lid is. Mark it up with a marker.

I used a tape measure from top to bottom so I had an indication of vertical distance from the bottom. And then I used another tape measure to measure the width at various points.

Step 5 - Cut with a sharp bread knife. It's not the cleanest cut, so if you have an electric bread knife it will do a better job!

Step 6 - Zip it back up again and put it in the car. There is a bit of excess on the cover, but its not an issue and can be folded away. If you are the seamstress type then knock yourself out with a custom cover too :)

Step 7 - Profit $$$

Its actually pretty decent, and turned out better than I thought, as you get all of the available space. It does hang over the edge of the rear seats a bit, but not enough that its a problem. Of course your mileage may vary depending on the model. But I am very pleased with my Model Y poor mans mattress.

Step 8 - Fold it into the boot space when you are done sleeping.

Hope you liked the idea :)

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